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According to an infographic by the Washington Post, 23% of all home burglaries in the United States begin when a criminal breaks in through windows on the first floor, making windows the second most common access point for thieves (after the front door). That means homeowners concerned with security should pay more attention to their homes’ windows. At Windows USA, our windows are designed and manufactured with security in mind so that your family and your home can stay safe. But since you can never be too careful, take a look at some ways that you can make your home’s windows more secure!

Close your Blinds, Curtains, or Drapes

One of the biggest deterrents to a potential burglar is the possibility that someone might be at home when they try to break in, and you can take advantage of this. Install blinds, curtains, or drapes on your windows, and when you leave your home, close them and leave a night on. This way, a burglar casing out your house for a robbery might think that you’re still inside, and they’ll move along.

Lock your Windows

If your windows are closed but not locked, a burglar could push them open and get into your home. When you leave or go to sleep, make sure that your windows are closed and locked so that a would-be burglar can’t use them as easy access points. If your windows’ locks are old or damaged, consider replacing them or the windows entirely. You could also consider buying an alarm for your windows that would alert you and your family if a window is opened or broken.

Install Security Bars

If you’re really concerned with how well your windows would hold up against a burglar, install security bars on their exterior. These bars will make it all but impossible for burglars to even get close to your windows, let alone open them and get into your home. There are various security bars on the market that will protect your home without detracting from its visual appeal: They’re designed with style in mind and only have a minimal impact on lighting or views.

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