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Windows immerse us in outdoor ambiance. Thanks to windows, from the comfort of indoor havens we can relax, watching snow softly pile, or be hypnotized by heat waves on a blistering day. Their stoic glass shields us from nature’s wrath while displaying nature’s beauty; windows take the beatings of extreme forecasts for us, slowly deteriorating over years of climatic onslaught just to give us a peek into the wildest weather.

In exchange for the vital views windows provide, the least we can do is notice when their glass wears and weakens, and frames start to rot. We can thank our tired windows for their years of service simply by retiring and replacing worn out panes.

According to HGTV, most windows have a lifespan of around 15 years. Refurbishing a window system in a timely manner will not only spare you the eventuality of a broken window (and associated costs), but can also reduce noise, keep out harmful UV rays, and net you serious energy savings. With vastly improved insulation capabilities, some new and innovative window models can cut a monthly energy bill by as much as 35%.

Besides the peace of mind that comes with lower bills, an updated window system can also boost a home’s worth. The National Association of Realtors estimates that homes with recently replaced windows increase their value by around 80% of project costs. Homeowners looking to sell can easily leverage fresh windows in price negotiations.

Finding the right window system for your property could pose a challenge, however. Warm, sunny climates require windows with strong reflective capabilities, while effective windows in colder areas are designed for insulation. If you’re interested in identifying an ideal model for your climate, you can use the Efficient Windows Collaborative’s window selection tool to do so.

Alternatively, you can look into systems which offer a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency. An excellent model for homeowners looking to optimize value is Windows USA’s Alaskan Window System, which is 100% Energy Star certified and has been installed in over 1,000,000 homes across the country. It’s a premier choice for energy conscious homeowners of any location.

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