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At Windows USA, we help families and individuals all over the country to select and install the windows that are right for them. As a result, we’ve observed that each region of the country has its own needs when it comes to choosing the right windows due to the various weather patterns across America. If you’re looking to renovate your home and want to make sure that you select the best type of windows for your area of the country, take a look at this list!


Hot summers, cold winters, and strong winds are standard fare across the midwest. Energy efficient windows are a great answer to the region’s temperature fluctuations since they can prevent heat from entering your home via windows during the summer and keep it from leaving your home during the winter. Residents of the Heartland should also look for windows made from durable materials so that they aren’t damaged by high winds.


While the northeast doesn’t have the same intense temperatures or weather conditions as other parts of the country, it does see its fair share of rainfall and severe storms. Look for windows that are made from moisture-resistant materials, like vinyl, and that will hold up to high winds.

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is famous for its rainfall, and that’s bad news for your windows. High rates of annual rainfall can cause your window frames to rot or warp, which makes them less effective at keeping moisture, debris, and even certain critters out of your home; worse still is the fact that rotted or warped windows are extremely energy inefficient because they allow air to pass freely in or out. Pacific Northwesterners should use windows made from a moisture-resistant material like vinyl on their homes to avoid this issue.


There’s no shortage of climate extremes in the southeast: The region is both hot and humid, it receives the most annual rainfall in the nation, and it’s prone to hurricanes, which bring extreme winds that can severely damage or destroy buildings. Windows on southeastern homes should be energy efficient to account for the high temperatures and made from durable materials so that they can stand up to heavy rainfall and gale force winds.


Houses in the southwest tend to bake under the intense desert sun, which means that heat can easily enter your home through your windows as the sun beats down all day. One solution is to look for energy efficient windows, such as windows with low-e glass, which reduce the amount of heat that can enter your home via your windows. This will prevent outdoor heat from increasing the temperature of your home and save you money on your next energy bill.

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