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Now that 2017 has arrived, millions of Americans will focus on renovating or remodeling their homes as a new year’s resolution. One of the most important parts of your home to consider when planning your next remodel are your home’s windows, which can play an important role for your home’s design, lighting, energy efficiency, and more. Window styles are always changing, however, so take a look at some of the factors influencing window design in 2017!

Transitional Living

Transitional living–which is also known as indoor/outdoor living–is one of the most popular and influential trends in home design. In fact, according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), firms nationwide reported a 61% increase in clients who wanted indoor-outdoor living features incorporated into their homes in 2017. It allows for large, open spaces that seamlessly mix open floor plans and outdoor entertainment areas. Sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows are the hallmarks of transitional living, as they make rooms more open and exposed to outdoor spaces.


No longer do you need to crank or slide your windows open and closed: New technology allows you to operate your windows with the push of a button. There are even automated windows that can be operated either by a control panel or smartphone app and have sensors to prevent them from closing on people, animals, or objects, and include batteries so that they work even during power outages. This makes automated windows appealing to seniors, who may not want to expend the physical energy of manually operating their windows, as well as millennials, who enjoy the simplicity of controlling their windows via smartphone.

Energy Efficiency

Windows can also help to improve a home’s energy efficiency, which is a major factor in window design. There are windows that include low-e glass, which reflects portions of the sun’s rays and helps to reduce heating loss, and many other advanced energy efficient features. And thanks to increasing automation, now, certain windows can alert homeowners when they are open or closed, which can help prevent heating or cooling loss from a window that has accidentally been left open. Improving a window’s energy efficiency can help reduce energy bills, so it’s no surprise that energy efficiency is a major trend in window design!

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