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You’re renovating your home, and you’ve finally come around to the windows. You’ve picked out the set that matches your aesthetic, your needs, and your budget, but now what do you do? The installation process for windows can seem a bit daunting, but it’s essential for making sure that you get the maximum value out of them. So for anyone looking to take on a new home improvement project, we’ll give you a quick guide on how to install your own windows!

The first step, of course, is picking out the right windows. Measurement is key here, so be sure to check the height and width of each window you’ll be replacing by measuring from the top of the sill to the bottom of the head jamb (for height) and from the inside of the jamb on one side of the window to the inside of the jamb on the other side (for width). Measure the height and width in a few areas along the window, and use the shortest results as the dimensions for your new windows.

Once you know the measurements, it’s time to buy your windows. In doing so, you’ll want to consider the window’s maintenance, whether or not it will match the look and style of your home, its energy efficiency rating, and other factors. Windows USA’s Alaskan Windows are 100% Energy Star certified and have been installed in countless homes across America.

Now it’s time to get to work by removing the old window! First, remove the inside stops, but be sure to keep them in one piece as you’ll need them when installing the new windows. Next, remove the inside sash, and cut any cords or chains as necessary. Drop the outside sash to the bottom of the window and remove it in the same fashion as the inside sash. Thoroughly clean the window jambs and sill, and fill in any holes with caulk. You can also remove any weights or pulleys.

After you’ve finished cleaning and caulking, you’re ready to install the new window. Begin by laying a bead of caulk along the inside edge of the outside stops on the jambs. Next, mark the sill for the sill angle, then caulk and install the sill angle. In the new window frame, center the top and bottom sashes vertically, and slide the bumper stops to the center of the frame until you can see the four mounting holes in the side jambs; there should be two on the top as well as two on the bottom. Place the header (or expander) on top of the window and caulk the top of it, then put the window in the opening and make sure it’s squared up. Once it is, install the mounting screws at the top and bottom of each side jamb.

Finish the process by sliding the header up to seal any gaps between the new window and the frame, slide the top and bottom sashes to ensure that they work properly, and caulk the inside of the window and reinstall the inside stops. And then you’re done!
Each window is different, so be sure to follow any instructions that come with the window that you eventually purchase. Or, if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, look for a reputable contractor in your area to install your windows for you!

For more information about window installation and our high quality, energy efficient windows, be sure to visit our website!