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When you think of accessorizing your home, your windows probably aren’t the first appliance that come to mind. However, there are several accessories or enhancements that you can get for your windows to improve their functionality or just brush up their appearance. Take a look!


One of the best ways to accent your windows and add character to the exterior of your home is by adding shutters. Often, the biggest challenge that comes with adding shutters is choosing the right ones for your home due to the range of designs, colors, and materials that are available. In many cases, installation is simple and requires little more than measuring your windows and purchasing the appropriate size. You can use shutters to protect your windows during storms, block sunlight from entering your home, or buy non-operational shutters that are purely decorative.

Shutter Dogs

During storms, the wind can blow your shutters open as well as slam them shut. You can install shutter dogs, also known as tie-backs or hold-backs, to lock your shutters in place and prevent them from flapping in the wind. Shutter dogs attach to the side of your home, just past the edge of your shutters, and they twist, allowing you to hold shutters in place. Even on non-operational windows, shutter dogs can add a pleasant decorative effect since they come in a wide variety of designs, like sailboats, animal shapes, and more.


If you want to make your windows more energy efficient, films can help significantly. Films block UV rays from the sun, which keeps your home cool in the summer and therefore reduces your energy bills, and they can often improve the view by cutting down on reflective glare. You can install windows yourself, but for the best results, consider hiring a professional.


Consider installing grilles if you want an added layer of security for your windows. Grilles are typically custom-made for your home, which means that you can have them customized to any design or style that you prefer. They are normally made of wrought iron and attach to the exterior of your home or window frames.

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