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When planning an addition for your home, there are so many things to think about: How large do you want it to be? Should you build up or out? What color will you paint it? All of these points are important, but during all this planning, you shouldn’t lose sight of the windows that you’ll install in your new addition. Take a look at some of the factors to consider as you choose windows for your addition.


Windows can be an exciting and innovative design feature to spice up your addition, but at the same time, they should align with the design and aesthetic of your home’s existing windows. As you plan the layout of your new room (or rooms!) think about how your new windows can match the size, height, spacing, and style of the other windows in your home while still bringing their own unique charm. You can also play with proportions, molding, or lighting to achieve this kind of synchronicity.


When you select new windows, you don’t want to inadvertently create a chore for yourself by choosing windows that are difficult to care for or clean. You can actually purchase windows that are easier to clean: In fact, there are several window varieties on the market today that tilt in so you can clean the interior and exterior of the window from inside of your home. You should also look for windows that are made from sturdier materials or incorporate reinforced glass into their design so that you can reduce the likelihood that your windows break or deteriorate over time.

Energy Efficiency

Adding an addition onto your home can increase your energy costs—after all, more space for your home means more space you need to keep warm in the winter or cool in the summer—so consider purchasing energy efficient windows to mitigate these additional expenses. Look for windows with double-paned glass filled with a gas insulation, like argon, that offer low-emissivity (low-e) coatings that block heat gain. Not only will these energy efficient windows enhance the comfort of your home and lead to savings on your energy bills, but they may also qualify for tax breaks.

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