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There comes a time when every home deserves the advantage of jazzing up those sliding glass doors. Whether your current ones are racking up your energy bill, are broken or cracked, or just simply need an update, installing new sliding doors is the way to go. Although you may save a little extra cash by doing so yourself, the risks are higher than the cost of the installation. One should always take caution when doing any DIY home project. By doing so, you’ll escape these pitfalls and enjoy your new sliding doors.

Risk of Injury

One of the greatest risks one can take when installing sliding doors themselves is risk of injury. For one, whether you’re putting doors on or taking them off, they are very heavy. You have the risk of them falling on top of you or straining yourself when trying to move them. A professional, however, is certified in their job and has training to ensure that the risk of injury is at minimum. Typically, professionals also have at least two people to help them with the installation of the doors to reduce risk. The last thing you want to do is rack up those medical bills from a DIY project that you thought you’d save money on.

Risk of Damage

Another risk that comes with installing sliding doors as a DIY project is damage. Because doors are heavy and typically made of glass, it is very easy to ruin the actual product that you’re installing. However, it is also possible to damage the inside walls of your home if not installed properly. With the risk of self-injury comes the liability of material damage within your home. When professionals are hired for an installation job, they are typically insured through their company, so any risk of damage would cover your home and your doors. Even if a door would crack or break, professionals usually have an insurance policy that will help cover the problem or situation that may occur during this process.

Higher Energy Bills

Installing doors as a DIY project can create the opportunity for energy waste within your home. For example, if a door is cracked or not put on properly, your energy bills will greatly increase. The reason for this is because any small section that will allow heat (or air conditioning) to escape is wasting that energy away. In these cases, consumers tend to turn up their heat or air conditioning and wonder if it does not work properly, but in reality, the problem is the ease of air to escape through the small holes or pores. Professionals work to ensure that the high tech sliding doors are installed properly so that air will not be released.


A last thing to consider when deciding whether or not you should hire someone to install your doors or do it yourself is how the materials and products will be disposed of. In today’s day and age, there are many rules and regulations that are pushed towards consumers on how materials can be disposed of. Disposing of materials incorrectly can lead to hefty fines and endangers the environment. In addition to ensuring proper disposal, you must find a way to remove the material and transfer it to place of disposal. Professional installers however, are certified in knowing the rules and regulations of material disposals, and typically work together to ensure proper and safe removal of your old sliding doors and materials.

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