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Summer is finally here, and that means you can open your windows once again to let warm air and sunshine into your home. However, as nice as it is to open up your windows and let some summer come inside, you might also be inviting droves of insects and other critters as well as leaves and debris into your home as well. That’s where window screens come in: using woven wire made from lightweight materials, these screens fit on the exterior of your windows’ frames to keep out bugs and other nuisances. Window screens come in a wide range of varieties that can suit your specific needs, so take a look at some of the different types of window screens!


Window screens made from vinyl-coated fiberglass are the most popular variety: They outsell aluminum screens, for example, by a ratio of three to one, and this is mostly due to the lower costs of fiberglass screens. Additionally, fiberglass screens are a great choice because they don’t corrode, rust, or stain, although they are more likely to stretch or tear than screens made from aluminum or other more specialty materials.


Sturdier than fiberglass, aluminum has been used in the production of window screens for more than decades. It is produced by distilling aluminum rods into small strands that are barely .011 millimeters in diameter, then machine-weaved on a large loom, and lastly, a finish is applied to enhance the appearance as well as reduce make the screen less visible so that it does not obstruct your view of outside.

Solar Shading

Made from fiberglass, solar or “sun” screens are energy efficient: They can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home via windows—by as much as 30 to 90%—which can prevent heat gain and reduce your energy bills as well as prevent your carpets or furniture from fading. Generally speaking, solar screens allow for good visibility from the inside of your home out, but from the outside, they are opaque and make it harder to see in.


For any homeowners with mischievous pets that like to claw and shred your window screens, pet-resistant screens are available. They are made from heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester that is heavier and seven times stronger than standard screens to prevent animals from destroying them.

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