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Without windows, a home would just be four walls and considerably dark. Windows shed light throughout your home. You open them for fresh air on a beautiful day and keep them close when winter comes through. When replacing or installing windows, you want to make sure you’ve got the right material. Here are the different types of window frames to consider for your home.


If you’re looking for durability, fiberglass is an excellent choice. Windows should be strong enough to resist any kind of weather. Fiberglass is not only durable, but also energy efficient. You can reduce your energy consumption through energy efficient windows. This means that your windows will keep the heat out in the summer when you run the AC, and will keep the cold out in the winter when you turn on the heat. The energy and resources that it takes to create fiberglass is considered sustainable because it requires less than other types of window frames to manufacture.


A good choice in material for window frames is vinyl. They are high in energy efficiency and typically made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which makes them very affordable. It’s not recommended to paint vinyl window frames; however, they are water resistant. You can fill the hollow cavities of vinyl for added insulation and maximized energy saving. Although vinyl window frames aren’t the strongest, they’re still a great option because of their durability and essentially maintenance-free factors.


For natural aesthetics designed in your home, wooden window frames are a great feature. Wood is a great customizable option for window frames because you can either paint or stain them to go with your home. Compared to other window frames, wood does require more maintenance. Don’t be surprised if you have to touch up the paint, sand, or re-stain wood window frames. They also expand and contrast more than vinyl or fiberglass so they have less weather durability.


Metal and aluminum window frames are a great choice for lightweight yet strong material. However, in terms of insulation, aluminum and metal are poor material due to how fast they conduct heat. Your location could determine if aluminum or metal is a good choice for your home. It’s not recommended in beach homes due to the salt water and air corroding the material.

There are more types of window frames other than fiberglass, vinyl, wood and aluminum or metal. Choosing the right type of window frame should be based on cost, efficiency, location, maintenance and aesthetics.