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If you’re looking to buy a home, remodel, or if you’re simply tired of your current windows, you might be wondering what the best option is for window panes. Most people opt for single-hung windows, but many people don’t know double-hung windows are an option and that they have various benefits. Here is some background information on these two styles of windows and the pros and cons for each.


The biggest con for double-hung windows is that they’re more expensive than single-hung. You can use this website to determine how much your windows might cost, but the average cost difference between the two styles of windows is around 10-20 percent. No matter which kind you choose, window installations cost a few thousand dollars. While cost may be one of your biggest deciding factors, remember that some companies or local governments offer discounts or tax breaks for people installing more energy efficient features to their homes, so do your research if you feel double-hung windows may be too expensive.


Single-hung windows make cleaning a hassle. If you have these windows on an upper floor, you’ll need to be able to get outside to clean the top panel. With double-hung windows, it’s much easier to clean them, because you can clean both panels from inside and tilt them with ease to clean the entire window and both sides.

Sash features

Sashes (or panels) of a window can be moved or remain immobile, which determines the type of window. For single-hung windows, only the bottom panel can be moved up or down, or tilted. For double-hung windows, both sashes can be moved and tilted. This capability enhances the safety of the window, especially if you have young children or pets. You can open just the top part of the window so it’s out of their reach.


Single-hung windows are fairly simple to install and can even be a one-person job, which helps you avoid paying for the installation of the window. Double-hung windows are heavier and a bit more complicated to install, so you shouldn’t attempt to do it yourself unless you have a lot of experience with windows or DIY home projects. As far as future maintenance goes, there’s no difference between the two styles of window. Because single-hung windows are easier to install, they may be the only choice for certain size windows that are on the smaller side.


Double-hung windows are perfect if you’re concerned about ventilation in your home. While single-hung windows can allow for unwanted drafts to blow in around their frames, double-hung windows prevent this issue. If you want some ventilation, double-hung windows are still the best choice, because you can open them and let in a breeze whenever! Even if it’s raining, you can tilt the top sash of a double-hung window and avoid rain coming into your home and damaging the window sill. Since only the bottom panel of a single-hung window can be moved, it’s usually a bad idea to open the window if the weather isn’t clear.

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