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Curtains are a great way to decorate your home. They add incredible color and character to a room, allowing you to call attention to beautiful windows, views, or other design elements, and they can also boost your windows’ energy efficiency by preventing heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. However, despite their many benefits, not all windows come with curtain rods installed already. Installing both curtain rods and curtains is actually a simple process, so take a look below at how you can put up curtain rods yourself!


Before you break out your power tools, think about the design effect that you want to achieve with your new curtains, especially how that relates to the size of the curtains and the position of the curtain rod. Typically, 63-inch curtains will reach the windowsill, 84-inch curtains will make it to floor level, and 95-inch curtains will billow onto the floor for an elegant, flowing look. You may need even longer curtains depending on how high you plan to mount the curtain rod.

Additionally, you can position the curtain rod in different ways to create various aesthetic effects. Hanging the rod six inches above the window is standard, but hanging it closer to the ceiling can make the entire room feel taller (if paired with extra-long curtains, that is).


Once you’ve decided on a design and purchased a curtain rod, it’s time to begin the installation. Start by measuring where the rod’s brackets will hang on either side of the window and marking their position with a pencil. It’s essential that the brackets hang evenly, so use a level to check your measurements.


Now comes the time to install the brackets. If the brackets’ position doesn’t line up with studs, you can install wall anchors, but make sure that they’re rated for both the weight of the rod and curtains. From there, mount the bracket on the walls and use a drill to securely drive in the screws. Rods longer than four feet will require a center bracket, so prepare for this possibility as well.


Once the brackets are up, remove the finials—the caps on either end of the rod that prevent the curtains from sliding off—and install the rod. You can then hang the curtains and re-attach the finials. At this point, the brackets may have shifted under the weight of the rod and curtains, so tighten the screws to fully secure the unit.

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