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Your dream home may come standard with enormous windows that stretch across the wall from floor to ceiling, but unfortunately, most of us have to be content with windows that are somewhat more modest–unless you’re willing to pay a pretty penny to make that dream come true! If you want the feel of a dreamhouse without the budget for one, however, take a look at a few of our simple tips to make your windows appear larger!

Extend Curtain Rods

Your windows will appear to end wherever your curtain rods end. Take advantage of this optical illusion by extending your curtain rods beyond the edge of your windows to make them appear bigger than they are. Of course, this only works if you remember to hang the curtains!

Layer Shades or Curtains

Craving a floor-to-ceiling look for your windows? Get a set of shades and hang them above your window in front of your curtains to make the windows appear taller. You can combine this tactic with extended curtain rods to make your windows seem both wider and taller than they really are.

Use Colors on Your Walls

Walls painted in white or neutral colors will make your windows blend right in, but by adding some color to your walls–such as a dark, cool blue–you can make the windows pop, which makes them look larger.

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