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There’s something to be said for having a cozy little room in your home, but you may also want to have a room that appears large and grand. Your windows can actually help you to accomplish this goal, so have a look at how windows can make a room look bigger!


Dark rooms tend to feel smaller and cramped compared to their well-lit counterparts. That’s where your windows come in: Selecting open, airy windows that let in lots of natural light can brighten a room and make it feel larger than it actually is. Casement window can be a great option for this.

Bay or Bow Windows

Installing bay or bow windows make a room look larger because they actually enlarge the room! These types of windows feature an angled assortment of windows–bay windows typically have three separate windows while bow windows normally include four or five–that pop out from the side of your home slightly to create an additional space for you.

You can use the space to place decorations, like flowers or family photos, you can convert it into seating, and more. Plus, the amount of windows is a great way to optimize natural lighting.

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