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The first real improvement to the window came about 2,000 years ago when people began to use glass to cover what were otherwise holes in the sides of their homes. Even though it may seem like the design hasn’t really changed since then–they’re still just a few panes of glass and a frame that separate you from the outside–the window has been through countless innovations since the introduction of glass. At Windows USA, we’re proud to continue innovating and looking for ways to make our windows even better along with our sister company, Window Mart.

Just like they would have 2,000 years ago, our windows begin their lives as panes of glass. But, unlike thousands of years ago, our glass is a bit more advanced: We use low-e glass, otherwise known as low emissivity glass, which improves windows’ energy efficiency. This is possible due to a coating on low-e glass that reflects sun rays, so it keeps hot air out of your home during the summer and inside during the winter.

After two panes of glass are ready, we use a spacer system to separate them, which is typically glued or caulked into place. Typically, manufacturers use hollow pieces of aluminum as spacers, but that isn’t very energy efficient. Aluminum, like any metal, conducts heat and cold, so using it as a spacer allows unwanted hot or cool air to enter your home through the windows. We use a spacer that contains no metal and therefore does not conduct heat or cold, making it the most energy-efficient spacer available.

Once the spacer is in place, the window is starting to take shape. We then install a soy-based reinforcement to make the window more secure, and this product is more energy-efficient and more secure than aluminum reinforcements.

One of the final steps is attaching the frame. Our frames are made from 100% pharmaceutical grade, pure vinyl to ensure the highest quality window possible. We also weld the frames to add a tight seal and offer another layer of security against the elements.

After assembly, each window undergoes an inspection to make sure that it meets our stringent quality standards before it can leave the plant. Perfection is part of our culture, and it makes us proud to offer our customers the best windows available. We’re also proud to make all of our windows in the United States–after all, we couldn’t be Windows USA if we didn’t make our windows here!

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