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Frosted windows can add a nice aesthetic touch to your windows and can even enhance the privacy of your home. If you don’t want to pay to replace all of your windows with frosted glass, you can do it with yourself with a little know-how and determination. Read on the learn how you can take an afternoon and transform your window panes into beautiful frosted glass!

This method of treating your windows will leave them permanently frosted. Before you get started, you’ll need to pick up a few materials, all of which should be available at a standard hardware store: some clear adhesive shelf paper OR frosted window film scissors, a wallpaper brush, and some soap-and-water solution.

First, clean the windows as much as you can. Next, spray the glass with your soap and water mix–you want to get the windows as wet as possible.

Once you’ve done that, apply some of the stick-on frosted glass, which you should have already cut to the size of the window. Using the hard edge of the wallpaper brush, smooth out any air bubbles.

Lastly, all you need to do is wait! The soapy water mixture will react with the adhesive backing in order to make the application permanent; it only takes a few minutes.

Now, you’ll always enjoy your frosted glass windows: not just for their looks, but because you did them yourself!

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