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Sometimes, during the course of renovating your home, you may realize that a door would work better than a window in a certain area. In that case, there are ways that you can convert existing windows into doors, provided you have the resources and the know-how to get the job done. If you want to take on this project during your next renovation or remodel, take a look at this set of instructions!


Like all home improvement projects, the first step is to measure and mark out where you’ll be working. On the exterior wall of your home, draw lines extending from directly below the edges of the window you plan to replace so that you have a guide when it comes time to cut open the wall.


When it comes time to cut, begin on the outside of your home–that way, you’ll be able to check for electrical wiring or other blockages more easily. When vinyl siding is present, a circular saw blade attached backwards can help to prevent unnecessary damage. From there, remove any siding, wood, or insulation, and once the wall studs are exposed, be sure to look for obstructions or electrical infrastructure.

Removing the Window

Using a prybar and hammer, remove the window casing and window itself from the wall. Then, with a reciprocating saw, cut along the studs down to the floor before removing the remaining wall.

Installing the Door

Take measurements of the opening in the wall and cut 2x4s appropriately to build a frame that will hold the door. Use a nail gun to secure all 2x4s in place, slide the new door into place, and nail it to the frame you’ve created. Then, following the manufacturer’s instructions, install any hardware on the door. Once the door is in place and fully installed, nail 1x6s around its perimeter to create a frame, and do the same on the exterior using materials that will match your home.

As an optional, final step, you can construct and install stairs as necessary. Or, if you want to save yourself the trouble, you can reach out to professionals and have any of this installation done for you!

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