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What’s on your checklist of chores to get ready for fall? You might need to get the kids ready to go back to school, drain the pool, tidy the house, and rake leaves in the yard, but you should also consider paying attention to your home’s windows. The autumn months can wreak havoc on your windows, so before the leaves turn red and brown and the cold weather sets in, take some time to prepare your windows for the fall–they’ll thank you for it!

Seal Any Cracks

Cracks and gaps can form around your windows, which can allow warm air to slip out and cold air to blow in. These openings can also give insects the opportunity to spend winter in the heat by entering your home. Inspect your windows for any cracks or gaps and use caulk or weather stripping as necessary to keep the warm air in and the bugs out.

Install Storm Windows

Take additional steps to prevent drafts of cold air from sneaking into your home by installing storm windows. They can be mounted on either the inside or outside of your windows and function by catching and dissipating cold breezes before they have a chance to enter the house, keeping you and your family cozy in the heat.

Clear Debris

When refuse, like leaves, begin to accumulate in your windows, they will collect water that can lead to rot. Rotted windows can allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter your home, but the water in the leaves will start leaking in as well. Keeping your windows free of leaves and other debris is a quick and easy way to safeguard the life of your windows and protect against rot.

Energy Efficiency

Windows are a key player when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency. At their best, they can keep heat inside and cold out, or they can do just the opposite. Sealing cracks, installing storm windows, and clearing debris will help improve energy efficiency, but hanging blinds or draperies are other small ways you can make a significant difference in your windows’ energy efficiency.

Replace Your Windows

Sometimes, you just need to upgrade. If your windows have rotted, developed gaps, or even if they’ve just reached a certain age, consider replacing them before the season’s weather really wears them down. Windows USA’s Alaskan Window is 100% Energy Star certified and offers the highest quality available.

Windows USA has over 40 years of experience installing and replacing windows across America. For more information on how to maintain or replace your windows, visit our website!